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About Us

Marlin and Nadine are looking forward to meeting you and having you come relax at their new custom built cabins.


 Buck’s Cabins opened for operation on March 20, 2017. We purchased the 1 ½ acre parcel of land, 2 years ago that the cabins are on. It connects to our personal property we have owned for 30 years. Over the last 30 years we have slowly transformed our small pond to a 1 ½ acre pond and stocked it with Bass, Crappie, and Blue Gill. We added an aerator to the pond to help cut down on moss and keep it clear and if the water level is low it puts oxygen in the water for the fish so they don’t get stressed. We just recently built a dock to fish off of and dock a small boat.

We have planted lots of trees Maple, Oak, Weeping Willow, Cedar and Pine Trees to improve the landscape.

Rose bushes are planted on the pond dam to add to the landscaping beauty and also Current Bushes.

 Marlin loves to do woodworking projects, which you will see when you stay at our cabins. Marlin helped design the cedar stair case, built the cedar headboards, small cedar end tables, Cedar frame for bathroom mirror, and cedar shelves thru out the cabins. He helped build the cabins and then he built a gazebo for relaxing in.

Nadine loves to do landscaping. She has many flower beds she keeps up. She also does landscaping for the City at Jackson Park which has a walking path that many people enjoy.

    Marlin and Nadine like to work on their projects together. This gives them quality time together and makes their bond even stronger. They both enjoy entertaining family and friends.

Buck’s Cabins has been a dream of theirs for a long time and now that they are retired from their career jobs, they have time to share their dream property with others.

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